Saturday, February 22, 2014

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless Review

With regards to gaming chairs, the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless is irrefutably the most effective out there if you would like quality for the money. Let me tell you from personal experience that this gaming chair has all it takes to present you unmatched gaming experience that you will never find generally other gaming chairs in its class.

Besides great ergonomics, this chair is laden with features that make it easy to use, highly effective, reliable and convenient in online video video games, viewing television, paying attention to music, reading and even relaxation. This information is seeks to supply you genuine, unbiased writeup on the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless. You still will see why it is just a great gadget to have if you are a serious computer game enthusiast. We're going to start with studying the most crucial options that come with this gaming chair before determining what other users contemplate it.

Quality Interactive Audio

All video gamers know that audio is essential for enjoyment of a game. However not merely audio will do, it should be high quality and interactive. This gaming chair offers exactly that. With this particular it you won't just hear the sounds but also feel them. In other words, the chair forces you to feel as if you are part of the excitement.

The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 is outfitted with four good quality speakers as well as a subwoofer that utilizes the advanced Ace Bayou's innovative Audio Force Modulation Technology (AFM). Rather than building the speakers from the frame with the chair, AFM has incorporated the ported power subwoofers as well as the speakers in the open space of this X-Rocker. It's wise magnified sound quality as well as the level of the gamer’s experience.

Furthermore, the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless has vibration motors that simply sync with all the audio bass tones with the game to present more realistic and sensational entire body experience. I enjoy the audio and vibration experience, not merely playing video games but also paying attention to music and watching movies.

Great Ergonomics and Comfort

Game titles have become addictive. I can play my favorite games for long periods of time providing I've the time. Using a wrong gaming chair can restrict the body mechanics and cause discomfort, pain and even place you susceptible to developing certain health problems. The one thing I enjoy about the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 is the place where comfortable it is with.

It's got fixed position gun-stock arms which give high levels of stability and heavy duty, padded head-rest and backrest designed to offer optimal comfort regardless how long you spend gaming. The producer with this gaming chair know that people are of various sizes and heights and thus allow it to be adjustable for customization and further comfort.

Sophisticated Controls and Connectivity

The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless features an easily accessible control panel with separate bass, volume and vibration controls. These allow it to be simple to operate each one of the controls individually. Additionally, it features input and output jacks that enable easy link to audio source you are utilizing and also other X- Rockers in the case of multiple players.

The chair’s wireless audio receiver is made-in. Within the box could be the wireless transmitter capable of sending audio on the source with RCA (cinch/phono) connectors or headsets on the gaming chair. For additional options, the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless gaming chair includes RCA cables.

Features and Specifications

For the quick overview or at glace check this out wonderful gaming chair, listed here are the main features and specifications.

  • The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless is outfitted with 4 speakers for complete immersion multichannel audio plus as subwoofer system that includes the innovative AFM Technology from Ace Bayou.
  • This gaming chair has super easy to get into and employ control panel with separate volume, base and vibration functions
  • This X Rocker gaming chair was made with additional vibration motors with all the bass tones to promote complete gambling experience.
  • It features padded headrest and backrest in addition to gun-stock arms for enhanced comfort and stability.
  • The gaming chair includes build-in wireless radio receiver and wireless transmitter which works with multiple sources with RCA connectors. The package includes optional RCA cables.
  • It is an especially great chair for online video video games, watching favorite Television programs, paying attention to music, relaxing and reading.

Exactly What Do Real People Say About This Gaming Chair?

Now you have notion of what this X-Rocker has to offer however, so what can others think about the chair. This far, the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless has brought 163 customer reviews by having an average rating score of 4.6 from possible 5.. In the 163 reviews, 117 are 5-star, 30 are 4-star, 11 are 3-star, 1 is 2-star and 4 are 1-star.

The above mentioned scores let you know that the majority of the surveys are positive generally customers citing comfort, ergonomics, audio quality, vibration as well as affordability. I too accept individuals who have rated this X-Rocker 5-star because Personally i have tried it since Christmas and possesses supplied me with outright pure, unadulterated and gratifying gaming experience.


A few of the customers had difficulties with the vibration. They explained the vibration-effects are a little bit unpleasant if you're in the vicinity of the chair but not utilizing it understanding that this is simply not right for children. Nevertheless, the gaming chair is ideal for adults as well as the vibration just becomes too much with quite high volumes.


This powerful gaming chair will provide you with a solid experience unlike any other, comfort that you will never find with a lot of other gaming chairs, great connectivity and controls as well as the nice sense of being part of the action. You will also love it because uncomplicated, easy to use controls and highly affordable cost. If you're hunting for a great gaming chair that will provide you with unforgettable gaming experience then try the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless you are going to adore it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

X Rocker II Wireless Video Gaming Chair Review

When playing your gaming, the proper posture and comfort will be the most vital aspects that you can need away from game. The X Rocker Chair ensures that you get more than that. Expect to receive full interactivity along with your game plus an about the game experience because your play your preferred games.

To work with the seat, be sure that the seat are at the proper height to use along with your screen. The seat can be simply assembled and folded. Once you have unfolded the seat and adjusted it, that will help you it, be sure all of the electrical connections are intact. Then check the cp for signal showing how the seat is on before adjusting to your intended use. The cp is user friendly because it is dependent on universal control signs. Below is a list of features that will make the seat a perfect gaming seat.

Highly compatible

If you find the Gaming Chair, you do not need to worry which gaming platforms to use. The Gaming Chair is especially compatible and is used with various gaming platforms. Other data formats may also be played with all the seat. The seat works extremely well with Box, play station ,Nintendo, Game boy, Mp3s, Wii and DVDs amongst others. Therefore, getting an X Rocker seat, permits you gain access to other formats of data at the same time.

2.1 Speakers

The standard of music from X Rocker chair is comparable to the full house stereo system. The seat features a 2.1 sound system inside it. The distribution from the sound is strategically built to enhance full interactivity relating to the player and also the game. The seat has 2 in-built speakers and sub woofer. The surround effect of the sound seamlessly integrates with all the players. The power over the sound is assisted by way of a full side control panel. The cp enables the player to modify the total number of the system, control the bass from the music and access music through input and output jacks. To enhance efficiency and operational ease, the seat features a wireless audio transmission system. I just found a great list of call of duty advanced warfare hacks here

Ergonomic design

The seat comes with an ergonomic design which has a full back support. The chair is able to tilt and swivel that permits comfort through the game. The X Rocker seat is fold-able so that it is very easy to store and move. The seat can be very easy to clean which has a heavy-duty upholstery vinyl cover. The compatibility from the seat with many games allows its use with various devices. The Gaming Chair is rated four stars with many customers citing its design as befitting use. The chair is characterized to have a fantastic design which is very comfortable.

Features and specification

Listed here are the main features and specifications of the X Rocker Gaming Chair

  1. The seat dimension is 22.6 inches by 30.7 inches by 37.6 inches and it weighs 42 pounds
  2. The seat features a firm base that firmly supports the person as he / she plays
  3. The seat incorporates small handles which is built to be folded for easy storage
  4. The seat is made of a heavy dusty upholstery vinyl cover that is very easy to clean and comfortable
  5. The seat works extremely well with Xbox, Nintendo,Game boy, PlayStation,Wii along with other formats of play including MP3 and DVDs among others
  6. The sound system from the seat comes with wireless transmission capabilities and contains jack for headphones for personal use

Testimonials and Scores

The chair features a score of 4 stars from 60 reviews. The seat is especially rated compared to its competitors. The rating is targeted on the experience during use, materials found in allowing the seat, the comfort levels, and also the features installed in the seat. Most of the facets of the Gaming Chair that are appreciated from the clients are its design and flexibility. The seat is praised internet marketing very easy to offered, easy to hold, and swivels to satisfy the player’s posture.The Action chair joint and flexibility is perfect because no contain the squeaking sound common in most gaming chairs.

A few of the reviews get the product being expensive. The cost of the overall game chair is regarded as high compared to other similar products. However, the cost is commensurate to the standard. The flexibleness from the seat to satisfy the posture from the user is one of many factors listed from the customers since it's best attributes. Within the review, the ability of the arm rest being adjusted and opened up or down causes it to be well suited for people of varied heights and seating postures.


A few of the customers in the review get the chair uncomfortable to use if you watch television or with all the computer. The shoppers explain that one must tilt their oversees when about the chair to observe television or work in laptop computer. Other negative review finds the seat uncomfortable for those who are six feet tall. The shoppers get the seat uncomfortable for tall people they do not easily fit in the slouch from the seat. However, it is important to adjust the seat on the preferred position. The seat is adjustable and should be generated to satisfy the scale element the users. On the first point regarding the seat being uncomfortable for taking care of a pc or viewing television, the seat was designed for gaming. The seat will likely be preferred when used when gaming.


The Gaming Chair is an interactive gaming seat. The wireless pedestal chair not merely enables the user to hear music but also enables the person to engage in the song. Through its wireless audio transmission, the seat enables the user full tone. The seat is supplied which has a 2.1 sound system containing 2 speakers and a built in sub woofer installed. The sound system features a cp for the user. The person cp has bass and volume control, band switch, and both input and output jacks. The method is also built with a headphone jack. Passionate gamers should acquire this seat.